May 28, 2017

Sermon Text: Hebrews 8:1-13

This is Amazing Grace

God has revealed Himself to us, and our response to this revelation is amazement. As we begin our gathering, we will remind ourselves of the amazing grace that God has shown to us.

God and King

Our proper response to Jesus' grace, is to submit our lives to Him, recognizing Him as our God and King. He has paid the penalty for our sin, taking our shame, and in doing so, has given us His righteousness. Ultimately, this is done so that He will receive all glory. Let us pray that our hearts will respond to His sacrifice for us by giving Him the glory He deserves.

Crown Him (Majesty)

Jesus, our perfect High Priest, has made the ultimate sacrifice for our sins — that is His own blood. Our sermon text for Sunday will point us to the finished work of Jesus' atonement and His continuing work as mediator for us to God the Father. This majestic work of ministry is a superior ministry, a better covenant built on better promises. Knowing this, we worship Jesus as majestic King, filled with thanksgiving for His perfect sacrifice, and His on-going ministry for us, His people.

The Blood of Jesus Speaks for Me

There is nothing that we can claim for salvation, but the blood of Jesus alone. It is His work that saves us. In Christ, there is no condemnation or accusation that stands against us — not because we are perfect, but because Christ is. Rejoice; sing praise. Jesus has paid our debt.

Before the Throne of God Above

We will respond to the preaching of God's Word with this modern hymn — emphasizing the high priestly work of Christ on our behalf.