Sing, Choirs of Angels

Verse 1
A star, a star leads to the place
A shelter under sparkling sky
A manger lowly, blessed holy
Baby, human and divine

Verse 2
A lullaby sung to the King
As shepherds join the melody
A hush is heard around the earth
A chorus whispers of His birth

Join with the hosts on high, rejoice
The angel choirs sing, "Gloria"
As Heav'n and nature lift their voice
The angel choirs sing, "Gloria"
The angel choirs sing, "Gloria"

Verse 3
The song of songs is lifted high
Celestial strains of highest praise
The great crescendo shakes the sky
Redeemed of Christ, take up the cry

Sing, choirs of angels
Sing in exultation
Sing, O ye citizens of Heav'n above
Of Heav'n above


Words & Music by Regi Stone, Randy Cox, and Kristie Braselton (arr. Bradley Knight)
© 2009 BMG Gold Songs OBO Belden Street Music Pub. and Experience Worship Music Pub., BMG Platinum Songs OBO RiverSpring Music Pub.