Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the classes group or individual classes?
A: All of our classes are 30 minute or 45 minute individual lessons, with the exceptions of Kindermusik and ballet, which are both group classes.

Q: At what age do you take students?
A: In general, we ask that piano students are able to read before they begin lessons. Drums can start as young as 4. Kindermusik is for children newborn - 7 years. Ballet has three classes. Two for 3 - 5 year olds and one for Kindergarten - 2nd grade. 

Q: What if my child is sick and has to miss a lesson? Or there is bad weather?
Please refer to our Arts Academy Student/Teacher Handbook for our make-up policy. Note – we follow the Hoover City Schools inclement weather schedule. If Hoover City Schools closes for weather, so does HSBC Arts Academy.

 Q: Do I have to stay in the building during my child’s lesson?
A: Parents do not have to stay in the building during lessons. However, please be prompt when picking up your student. Since the teachers have back to back lessons, they cannot monitor students after their lesson is over. 

Q: I have never been to Hunter Street. Where do we come in?
A: All Arts Academy students enter at the Homefront entrance (near the front fountain). There will be a large flag marking the entrance. The Homefront will be opened for those parents and sibling that wish to stay, work on homework, or purchase a cup of coffee. We also offer free guest wifi. 

Q: Will there be a recital at the end of the year?
A: Yes – all recitals are held in May. Teachers will communicate recital dates and details to their students. Some teachers will have a Christmas concert.

Q: Can I pay the lesson fee in installments?
A: Installments will have to be arranged with your teacher.

Q: Is the $25 Registration fee per semester?
A: Yes, each student pays the $25 registration fee each semester.