Spring Schedule

Registration begins December 2 - click here to register

Spring Classes begin the week of January 14. The semester is 15 weeks and concludes with a Spring Recital. Your teacher will provide recital information as the time nears.

Attendance Policy

To ensure the integrity of a student's experience in learning an instrument, students must commit to a full semester.  Students should arrive early to each lesson.
Late students will only be taught for the remainder of their allotted lesson time.

Cancelation Policy

In the unlikely circumstance in which a student decides to unenroll from lessons within the first 7 weeks, the student must communicate this to their teacher and/or the Arts Academy office. Upon communication of this decision, our 30 day cancelation policy will go into effect. The student will be required to pay for the 4 lessons occurring during this 30 day notice period, and has the option to take these lessons or forfeit them. A refund for the prorated tuition will be reimbursed to the student, excluding the 4 lessons of the 30 day notice period. This refund check will be mailed to the student within 30 days of cancelation.
Upon the completion of the 7th lesson in any semester, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR CANCELATION.

Make Up Lesson Policy

It is the student's responsibility to contact the teacher if a lesson is to be missed. Make up lessons will be granted for excused absences, such as illness, extreme emergency, or death in the family. Only one make up lesson per semester will be granted. Unexcused absences include homework, athletic events, or school activities. Teachers are not required make up unexcused absences.
Teachers will make up all lessons they miss before the beginning of the next semester unless extenuating circumstances occur.

School Holidays

Please note, the Arts Academy will be closed for Spring Break (March 25-29). Any other school holiday will not affect our schedule.
In the event of inclement weather, Hunter Street Arts Academy will follow Hoover City School's cancelations.